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"Romeyka, Timeless." is a documentary produced by Romeyka Everlasting with the Romeyka speakers and community and expert academic scholars. The documentary examines the past, present, and future of the language, discussing themes of diversity in language and society as well as cultural endangerment. It is a collaborative project to bring awareness to the voices of the world.


Everlasting Connection: Language, Time, Society, and Technology is a Romeyka Everlasting publication.

The diversity of the world’s languages is declining, and with them, the knowledge and perceptions embedded through human history. Protecting unheard voices is rooted in connection––through and within language, time, society, and technology. In Everlasting Connection’s exploration of the path of human culture from past through the future, these four themes become undisentanglable.
Romeyka Everlasting founder Zeyneb Kaya discusses the core values and insights of the non-profit organization towards inclusivity and holistic language preservation in parallel with the story of humanity’s greatest strength: communication.  


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